In The Works

At any given point, I have multiple projects I am working on at one time.  It is motivating, encouraging and fulfilling.  A deep satisfaction occurs within my soul knowing I have created a tangible item with my hands.  To be able to say “I made that” is joyful, and sharing that joy with others is something far greater.

I am currently working on 3 different projects.


This firs one is a very special project.  One I do not want to give to much information on.  But I promise I will give you the finished project with the pattern.  The colors of this yarn is gorgeous and fit the specific colorway I was looking for.  It is 100% Superwash Merino and hand dyed by Spun Right Round Yarn & Fiber Co.  I usually try not to purchase Superwash Merino because of the methods they use during the “washing” process and I am trying to live a more fiber concious lifestyle. I first learned about the process when reading this Woolful Blog Post and it really opened my eyes.  But that is for a later post.  I will post the finished product when done!


This second project has been an on-going process.  When I first taught myself to knit 3 years ago, I figured knitting a sweater would be the best project to take on as a newbie.  Ha!  I got this far and have yet to pick it up again until now.  I found this pattern on The Purl Bee and it is called The Short Row Sweater.  If you have never had a look at The Purl Bee please take the time to do so.  It is a great place to find easy to advanced patterns for Knitting, Crochet and Sewing and they have loads of free tutorials.


This last project is for a sweet friend’s Mother-in-law.  She was kind enough to GIVE me all of the yarn and fabic I could handle from her Mother (she started the blanket) who fell ill and then passed on.  So I am finishing it as part of a thank you for all of the wonderful goodies.

I will keep you posted on the finished products.


In The Works

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